The Greeks / Οι Έλληνες

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    The Greeks, however, continue to influence contemporary man through their drama, philosophy and art, their political cognizance and knowledge of science. There are many books introducing the Greek world to the modern reader, but this volume was recognized as a classic in the field upon its publication by Penguin Books.

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    It now appears in a new paperback edition, with a new preface by the author and 32 pages of photographs selected especially for the American reader. The Greeks introduces θεία boo απώλεια βάρους to the people who formed and founded a new and distinct θεία boo απώλεια βάρους of life, the democratic city-state.

    The author presents—frequently in the words of the Greeks themselves—the formation of the people as a nation, the nature of the country, the impact of Homer, and the rise and decline of the city-state. The book includes an intensive study of the classical period, and provides an illuminating view of the Greek mind, myths and religion, life and character.

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    The Greeks is a recognized classic, written with remarkable grace and wit. In its new, richly illustrated and permanent form, it will θεία boo απώλεια βάρους as perhaps the best reconstruction of one of the greatest episodes in the history of civilized man.

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    Αποδεικνύοντας και αναπτύσσοντας την άποψη αυτή, ο H. Kitto διερευνά τη ζωή, τον πολιτισμό και την ιστορία της κλασικής Ελλάδας, προσδίδοντας στο θέμα του το πάθος, το πνεύμα και την οξυδέρκεια εκείνη που κατέστησαν αυτή τη σύντομη εισαγωγή ένα παγκοσμίου φήμης κλασικό έργο.

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